Discount Prices

We have a minimum charge of £45 typically. This price covers small living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens etc, but also includes call out charges. Callout charges do not apply on additional rooms cleaned on the same day. So we can pass these savings onto our customers. Typically a 10x10 room would cost £45, though a second room that size would cost as little as £22.

Please try our calculator for a estimate, or Use our simple price chart listed below the calculator.

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Calculated examples for typical room sizes.
Size in Feet
Single room cleaning
Additional room cleaning
6 x 6
9 x 9
9 x 12
12 x 10
14 x 10
18 x 10
* Minimum callout charge.


Measure your rooms in whole feet only and input the numbers into the calculator. When you click the Calculate button it will show the cost of cleaning the room. Room sizes do not have to be exact to the inch. Please round up to the nearest foot. Rounding will not effect overall price.

For multiple room calculations you can click the "Add to total" button to add the room cost to your running total.


Prices are for light to normal soiling only. Heavily soiled areas, normally in main walkways or in front of chairs, offices etc, may require additional cleaning time.

Prices do not include time spent on removing stains. Stains are often time consuming and require special attention. There are so many types of stains and carpet types that unfortunately we cannot guarantee the stains are removable in part or in full. Some stains are spillage's which generally are removable with basic cleaning alone. Any stains which have been attempted to clean with foam cleaners or inadequate equipment may further complicate stain removal. Stubborn stains may be reducible with frequent treatments over time.

All prices listed or calculated are for general estimation only and do not represent a commitment to a final quotation. Time spent on each job is also a factor. Typically all quotations are accurate within 10-20%. Well maintained carpets which require little time spent, we will often discount based on time saved.

We often get asked about calculating room sizes due to problem areas such as bathrooms or bedrooms etc. In general the whole room dimensions are to be calculated as best as possible.

For rooms with obstructions such as, beds,sinks,toilets, cabinets, showers etc, Where we would technically be cleaning less area, Cleaning around such items useually takes longer due to the multiple edges which need to be cleaned as opposed to 4 straight edges/walls, but we do not charge extra for this.

In general we always recommend rooms be empty when they are to be cleaned. It allows us to complete the job quicker and easier and reduces the need of any additional cleaning time been required. We always aim to be fair on our pricing.

Rooms with furniture.

To facilitate safe and efficient cleaning rooms should preferably be free of furniture. Please remove as much as possible off the carpet IE lamps, toys, small tables, chairs etc. There is no need to remove floor standing cabinets as we will simply clean around them. Please note our prices are for cleaning accessible areas only.

For rooms such as bedrooms, where it is not possible to remove the bed, we normally suggest the main track area around the bed is only to be cleaned. Typically as the carpet is covered by the bed, it generally does not need cleaning under. If the bedroom track is heavily soiled, then please use the full room dimensions. If the track is only lightly soiled then we will discount time saved accordingly.

Any stained wooden chairs,tables, or any wodden or metal feet, must be removed from the room. Wood dye may otherwise soak into the carpet while the carpet is drying and such stains are permanent.

Please cover any highly polished tiles and or waxed wooden floors which we may have to wheel our equipment over to protect them. While we always take great care in your property, Please remove any easily breakable ornaments from any suspect areas before we arrive. Typically fireplaces and windows ledges. There is no need to empty display cabinets.

If you would like a information pack then please email us your name and address.


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